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General Toxicological Consultancy

Legal Toxicology
Forthtox offers expert toxicological witness and supportive literature review services.

ForthTox has been involved in a number of legal cases where the potential effects of drugs have been critical to the success of defence cases. In addition, we have written toxicological reviews in cases of potential poisoning by lead, mercury, pesticides and smoke inhalation.

Occupational Toxicology
We are able to advise in cases where toxicity associated with occupational exposure is suspected and to offer toxicological reviews where needed.

Experience includes membership of the global Novartis Pharma Occupational Health Committee and several cases where occupational exposure to toxicants was involved.

Training in Toxicology and CPD
ForthTox can provide informal, yet tailored, in-house training for companies requiring additional regulatory toxicological support and continual professional development (CPD) in the following areas:

  • Risk assessment
  • Preclinical study interpretation
  • General toxicology

GLP Training
ForthTox are also able to offer toxicological presentations on a more formal footing for academic courses and symposia. Please contact us for more information.

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